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Chemical Treatment

Mulberry Waste Ltd has made significant investment in chemical treatment and operates a state of the art treatment facility at Leyland.

We specialise in the development of tailor made solutions for problematic waste streams and have successfully completed a number of high profile projects.

Large treatment capacity twinned with an extensive bulk tanker fleet ensures that any size of job falls within our capabilities.

As well as Acid Alkali neutralisation reactions and metal precipitation, we also excel in the treatment of aqueous wastes that have a high Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D). Mulberry has developed a unique treatment method for high COD waste that can be utilised across a number of industries.

Any problematic waste stream that we consider initially undergoes an extensive lab based assessment to determine the most efficient treatment mechanism. Once identified this treatment can be scaled up to full production within the treatment centre.

Where practically possible Mulberry offsets one waste stream with another during the treatment or recovery process, to help minimise any impact on the environment.