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Oil Collection

Recycled fuel oil products are a sensible economical alternative to traditional oils and are used within the road, stone and coal fired power industries.

All the used oils and oil contaminated aqueous mixtures collected by the groups specialist fleet of tankers are received at the processing plant and are dewatered and filtered through a combination of physico/ chemical processes prior to blending to produce a recycled fuel oil.

By controlling every point of the process from collection and transportations through to distribution and utilising our in house laboratory and analytical expertise, we are able to produce a consistent supply of a quality-recycled product that is matched to a customer’s requirement.

We also specialise in the recovery of the associated oily wastes that you would typically find in any garage forecourt. Such waste include Oily Rags, Wipes and Spill Media, Oil Filters, Antifreeze, and Brake Fluids.

Our market leading Oil Filter shredder separates the individual components of each filter- Iron, Aluminium, Oil and Paper. Each component is then either recovered or recycled separately to provide a fully sustainable solution.

Mulberry Waste Ltd has extensive experience and knowledge within the European ‘Trans Frontier Shipment’ market and our network of European partners ensure that energy is generated from all solid organic fractions.